Our production

Windshields are an integral part of most boats and boats, determining their appearance and operation features. Qualitatively and correctly made glass provides comfortable control of the vessel, convenience in everyday use.

Since 2010, after the successful modernization of equipment, the acquisition of a system of aluminum profiles and rubber gaskets that allow us to manufacture products of various shapes, our company has been given the opportunity to professionally improve the technology for manufacturing glass and glazing frames.

We draw your attention to the fact that individual projects are feasible only if your boat or boat is available in our production, serial products can be ordered in the section of our catalog.

Volgamarine specializes in the manufacture of modern windshields for a wide range of boats and motor boats. The production base, experienced staff, modernized equipment and customer confidence are the basis of our work.

We offer

We offer modern windshields for motor boats and boats of our own production.

For wholesale customers of the company provides a flexible pricing policy, constantly there are favorable offers.

Production and production according to individual drawings.

Minimum shipment - agreed with the Buyer.

Delivery to the transport company - at the expense of the Supplier.

Timely observance of the terms of production and shipment of the order.

We work both with individuals and legal entities on a non-cash payment system.

All products have a 1 year warranty.